Frihed i terapirummet

Intensiv workshop for terapeuter og kommende terapeuter, som ønsker fordybelse i menneskelige udviklingsprocesser gennem kroppens visdom.
Oplev Omnitherapy metoden på egen krop
Pris: 500 kr. 4 intensive timer
Tilmelding: Mobilepay 59445 med dit navn og ordet Frihed
Prisen bliver fratrukket, hvis du tilmelder dig uddannelsen
Sted: Roskildevej 46, 2000 Frederiksberg
Tid: Onsdag d. 6. februar 2022 kl. 12-16

  Underviser: Cand. Psych Gilly Gall og Stella Jensen

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Just getting started?

You could purchase a clear understanding of what is a therapeutic process really, and how can such a process be led alongside learning and using diverse tools of touch and therapeutic conversation.

You will be able to start working with people, and so to practice everything you have learned straight after the very first module.

Already a therapist?

Omnitherapy will give you the ability to understand more profoundly the therapeutic process and will allow you to lead it in a way that will touch the patient effectively and precisely, so that you will be able to help people to heal and bring real change to their lives.

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Accelerated personal development

The first year of study befits also those of you who already know they will not become therapists.

You can join the classes to enrich yourself with the perception of life that is in the basis of the method, and to enjoy the accelerated development process that the students undergo throughout the course.

What is Omnitherapy

Omnitherapy is a tool for creating change in life. The method makes a person develop the ability to see the connection between the inner experience and the bodily sensations to the reality of his life. The method teaches a way of containing and enabling a wide variety of experiences.

We see the human being as a learning and developing entity that aspires to fulfill its inherent virtues – its gifts to the world. As we see it, there are no positive emotions to aspire to or negative emotions to be rid of. “unwanted” feelings are in fact wonderful human qualities (“gifts”) that were pushed out of balance by life’s circumstances, for instance might that became violence, gentleness that became weakness and desperation, and so on.

An Omnitherapy therapist is equipped with an internal human “roadmap” that enables him to see and diagnose how the qualities have lost balance throughout a person’s life to become “patterns”, and how those are expressed in his life and body. Using working techniques of contact, voice, imagination and more, the person is led by the therapist back to the original qualities and strengths, hence enabling a deep internal change that affects all fields in life.

The therapeutic approach

Love and belief in the singularity and beauty of every person as vital energy seeking to float and materialize. Yet the process in question is a very grounded, flexible and authentic one, without beautification. It invites you to come and meet yourself from the inside, through the body and the emotion, and to explore, together, your mechanisms, in all levels of being – and to find out how else can the experience of life and self be expanded.

The method is creative, wide, alive and connected, and fertile with special, powerful tools of bodily, spiritual, and conversational work.

Why is it important to work with the body?

Our patterns of behavior are practically burned into our flesh. A client once told me: “I understand, in my brain, that using an elevator imposes no real danger, yet the fear and that shrinking of the stomach just won’t allow me to step in”. In order to create change in life and broaden choice, attention must be connected to the body through working with the body. It enables us to note our own automatic reactions and start working towards changing the situation.

The personal process – the therapist as a therapeutic tool

A lot of attention is spent during the training on the personal process the student undergoes. Every therapist’s ability to enter the therapeutic space vulnerable and not surrounded by walls lets him better conceive the patient and the patient’s needs. It is a real encounter like this that creates the possibility for change within the patient. In this manner the therapist himself becomes the central therapeutic tool, and the process becomes a fascinating dialogue, alive and augmenting for both its sides. During classes we will learn how to use the body, emotion, meaning and attention as powerful tools. We will learn to move between the sensation of “not-knowing” and the sensation of “knowing” in a balanced way and to activate our intuition controllably. When Omnitherapy’s model internalizes within the therapist in the experiential level, it becomes, so to say, like a skeleton in his body – a structure that permits free movement and yet “carries” the therapeutic process safely to the desired place. When the therapist becomes the therapeutic tool countless opportunities open up for him to enrich the therapeutic space in any way he is drawn to, without compromising the therapeutic process’ affectivity.

Instructional methods and working techniques

The working techniques include

  • *Work using contact
  • *Work using voice
  • *Questioning and conversation techniques
  • *Trigger exercises
  • *Breathing techniques
  • *Client training

Classes include

  •                    *Content lectures
  •                   *Group dynamics exercises plus discussion in teams
  •                    *Physical exercise
  •                    *Exercising therapeutic techniques in duos
  •                    *Emotional exercise
  •                    *Studying the therapeutic model

Teachings’ structure

Første år

Uddannelses opbygning:
10 moduller af 13 timer :
Søndag 9.30-18.30 ogmandag 17.30-21.30

Hovedlærer: Cand. Psych. Gilly Gall

Omni Gall og Ron Freund underviser dele af uddannelsen som fjernundervisning


7.-8. marts 2021

11.-12. april 2021

9.-10. maj 2021

13.-14. juni 2021

15.-16. august 2021

12.-13. september 2021

10.-11. oktober 2021

14-15. november 2021

9.-10. januar 2022

12.-13. februar 2022

Price: 21,500 kr.

Earlybird pris frem til 15. december 2020 er 19,500 kr.


-The therapeutic model

– 6 dimensions of work – the building stones of therapy

– “The therapist’s suit” – therapist-patient relations and the therapist’s role

– Warrior’s energy in therapeutic work

– Building an enabling therapeutic space

– From “knowing” to “not-knowing”

– Vulnerability as a gate to transformation and as a tool

– The three parts of therapy – opening conversation, contact session, concluding conversation

– Building an effective, client-adapted process

– The patient as an active participant

What do you want to do ?

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What do you want to do ?

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Year 2

Learning framework:

84 hours to be taught  in 7 meetings, once every 2 months

Sundays 9:30-18.30
Mondays 17:30-21:30

Module 1: 8th-9th May 2022
Module 2: 26th-27th June 2022
Module 3: 21st-22nd August 2022
Module 4: 2nd-3rd October 2022
Module 5: 27th-28th November 2022
Module 6: 8th-9th January 2023
Module 7: 26th-27th February 2023

– Descending through the layers of experience – how to guide a person to get in touch with a deeper experience
– Working through the body on the inner child
– Personal history and traumas as personality designers
– Working with the experience of emptiness and what comes along with it – lack of meaning, helplessness, loneliness and so on
– Working on specific areas in the body and their significance
– Working with qualities – how to wake up a specific quality the client misses

– Working with elements

17,500Kr (can be devided into three payments)
Earlybird discount for registration before 31st December 2021: 15,500 kr.


The practicum aim is to help each student to internalize his work and progress
– The practicum includes 10 personal supervisions with one of the teachers (Ron or Omni) of 2 hours each
– The student will come to each meeting along with a patient
– During the first hour, the teacher will watch the therapeutic meeting between the student and the client.
– The second hour will be dedicated to joint learning based on the therapeutic meeting that took place during the first hour.
– At the supervision’s end the student will be given focus for work until the next meeting.
– The practicum may be started straight after the first year (given the teacher’s approval).
– A certificate will only be issued at the end of the practicum.

Touching the heart of things

‘Touching the heart of things’ is our challenge, love and obligation

The course touches the very heart of the human healing and development process. By an accurate combination of touch and conversation, qualities that have been dormant within you will wake up, and you could experience ancient barriers crumbling as the heart becomes more sensitive.

From module to module, you will be able to better contain within yourself the method of work. The “therapist’s suit”, as we call it, will be sewn to fit your size, and  will allow you to discover the beauty, power and responsibility of touching others and helping them grow.

“this course has changed my life” is feedback we keep hearing from many of our students. We invite you, too, To be touched and to touch the heart of things!


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As a senior, experienced teacher in the field of complementary medicine, I was glad to discover a method that enables me to take the knowledge and use it from a different point of view, and even to let go of it and lead the way out of presence and heeding. In gratitude to Omni and Ron and the study group for this huge gift
Ory Langlib, Chi-Kong and meditation teacher
I feel this course has pushed me forward significantly both personally and professionally. Omni and Ron have a unique ability of seeing deeply into each participant and direct him to the next level. And the method itself just works!
Jeanette Juul, contact-methods therapist
I practice quite a few methods of therapy for some years – but it was only with Omnitherapy that my dream of treating with therapy on a steady, professional basis has started to come true. It’s a deep, powerful method. Its beauty lies in the constant search for the qualities and abilities that hide beyond pain, in contrast with the focusing on pain I know from other realms of therapy.
Yael Levital, Therapist



In the course of 20 years, Omni  touched the body, the heart and the soul of hundreds of patients in Israel and abroad. With sensitivity and love she leads her patients and students to enjoy the good and beauty inside themselves



As a teacher, a therapist and a workshops’ guide, Ron has a clear and accurate sight of human mental interior. He guides his students and his patients safely towards their breakthroughs and to their next level of development


Aut. Cand. Psych. Gilly Gall

For 25 years Gilly has been building a bridge between the psychological world and the holistic and spiritual world. Her work with people combines professionalism with magic and endless love


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