Omni Gal

Hello and thank you for coming here to read about me!
I’m 44, and married to Ron. Together we are the parents of two children and companions.

The human inside and it’s motivating powers interested me since I was a child. I recall myself watching the behavior of those around me and my own to try and figure human nature. My “formal” learning started at the age of 18. I was motivated, naturally, by self searching.

I wanted to find a way out of the feelings of worthlessness, emptiness and sadness that encompassed me for years. Inside, I knew that life can offer me more, and that I could offer it more. I am thankful for the luck and privilege I had to learn from inspiring teachers in different colleges, courses and workshops.

The multitude of books and other written sources of wisdom that found their way “by chance” into my hand, as well as countless hours of personal treatments from a very wide variety of excellent therapists of different (and sometimes strange…) methods and approaches, became significant milestones for me.
I train and explore my body and mind through the practice of yoga, meditation and tai-chi, but above all, the main part of my learning is from life itself. For me, every moment is a call and an opportunity for growth.

I learn from all: my children, my partner, my students, my patients, cats, dogs and flowers. In my work throughout the years, body emotions, energy, imagination, awareness, movement and conversation have all became one integral whole. Presence and intuition enable me to move and to choose the exact thing that will lead the person with which I’m working towards discovering the diamond that dwells in every challenge in his life.

I have had the honor of working with people from all corners of life. Medics, psychotherapists, healers, spiritual teachers, businessmen, housewives, babies, elders and even sick people at death’s door – people from different cultures and different faiths, in every each and one of them I have found love.

Ron Freund

My name is Ron; I’m 44, Married to Omni and a father to our two children. I’d like to share with you the fruit of 18 years of therapy, teaching and escorting people in their way and their lives, and to sow the seeds for joint work.

Along these years I have meditated for hundreds of hours, I studied and taught Tai-chi, I practiced metaphysics and qabalah , I worked as a mediator, I treated and taught therapy both in Israel and abroad. I have dug deeply into understanding the human inside through listening to my body, my emotions and my mind – my personal “laboratory”.

I have found that things that seemed to be out of reach were in fact just under my nose, and that to disassemble complicated complexities I had to use simplicity. I used to believe, like so many others, that “if only I will solve this or another specific problem in my life I shall be happy…” – and so happiness continued being absent from my life. At a certain stage I realized “ups and downs” are the universe’s natural motion and that I can derive and learn from it all. Each time I agreed to experience the fear of death to its full extent I was reborn.

I feel there is a spring of life in the center of what we perceive as our “self”. This is the source of personal vitality, wisdom and inspiration. This inner place connects the “me” to the “us” and to all the rest of humanity and the universe. When the eyes are closed and attention is directed to that center of “me”, this spring can be felt rather easily.

I believe conflicts, disease, injury, emotional crises and so on are only meant for us to move through them and deepen the connection to this inner place and to each other. I believe we are all companions in this journey.

Our story

Isn’t it hard to work together as a couple? This is the question we hear the most throughout the years. For us the answer is clear – we couldn’t do it all without each other. Hard? Yes, certainly challenging sometimes and hence also stimulating, enlarging, developing and exciting. The Omnitherapy method was born out of joint exploration of ourselves and of the connection between us. We found that to produce a good, supporting relationship each side must agree to be genuine, exposed and vulnerable. We looked and found how every person can be led to that inner place where his might and strengths are revealed.

We were born in the year of 1971, with a two weeks difference between us, in the same hospital in Beersheba. Our fathers shared the same working place and our houses were a hundred meters apart. We went to the same high school, yet our connection was only created towards the age of 28, when life brought us together again. We were astonished to find that our life kept, as if magically, amazingly parallel. It turned out that we have both dedicated the years to studying therapy methods and to working in a clinic with people. We have both devoted ourselves to a quest to find and understand the self, the inner human world, mystics and psychology, the body and mind and their relation to everyday life. We experienced similar things and tried to discover the secret of the good intimate relationship. Fortunately, we have met at the age of 28, just before we gave up on the idea of such a relationship. The connection was almost instantaneous, and in two years time we have already turned from a couple to parents. In the years following that, Omni has started to go on trips to Denmark once every 3 months to visit her sister, Gil-li Gal, who lives there many years. Gil-li is a very successful clinic psychologist who works with hundreds of patients in Denmark. She noticed that some of the patients she is just unable to help, and figured combining contact with her work might prove helpful. The changes those patients experienced after a 3 meetings series with Omni were strong and significant, and Omni’s diary became fuller with each visit. The demand rose, and Ron started to go and pass workshops there. Along the working years, we’d sit to think together about the different therapy cases, to attune, to understand what has been done and what could be improved.

Therapists who practice other methods have started getting to us, and after a few years of traveling to and fro many of them asked to learn how “to do what you do” themselves.

Wow! That was challenging! Who has even thought of that… in this stage, Ron took the reins. He has deconstructed, organized and defined the working model we have developed over the years, divided it all to create a course that consists of two years studying plus a year of internship. Gradually we started to realize we probably have something which is really worthwhile, and that it’s important to pass it on to as many therapists as possible, which we have done, all around Europe and in Israel. It’s a great pleasure to see people make breakthroughs in their lives, to hear our students telling how they help their patients, and how much they enjoy working, and of course, to see their growth as human beings.

We are grateful for the privilege we were given to meet people so deeply, and for the endless beauty that’s discovered and rediscovered unexpectedly in the darkest of places.

We hope to meet you and get to know the diamond within you personally… either in our lectures, personal treatments, workshops or classes.

With love,
Omni & Ron