Personal development

What motivates us? What would we like to accomplish? Men and women confront these questions differently.

Through the creation of a supporting and inspiring team environment with accurate professional and personal guidance you will be able to get in touch with, confront and solve the most significant issues of your life.

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The Omnitherapy process is a journey shared by both the therapist and the patient. We will walk with you hand in hand, and heal the painful places you were afraid to touch.
We will help you wake your dormant powers that you have missed.

The change you will experience will be significant, and will affect your life directly. This experience and process will havea direct positive impact on your life

Therapist is more than just a profession

For about 20 years now, we have been working,  guiding and helping people in both Israel and Europe, escorting them through life crises and important crossroads, in their search for accomplishment and fulfillment, helping them grow.

Along the years the feedback we have received from people is that our way of work is incredibly effective and elegant, Which has  urged us to start teaching and sharing this method and for that we are very grateful and thankful.  We have distilled the principles of this method to make them accessible and applicable, so that they could lead anyone to growth and development.

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About us


In the course of 20 years, Omni touched the body, the heart and the soul of hundreds of patients in Israel and abroad. With sensitivity and love she leads her patients and students to enjoy the good and beauty inside themselves

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As a teacher, a therapist and a workshops’ guide, Ron has a clear and accurate sight of human mental interior. He guides his students and his patients safely towards their breakthroughs and to their next level of development

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For 25 years Gilly has been building a bridge between the psychological world and the holistic and spiritual world. Her work with people combines professionalism with magic and endless love

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A little beyond therapy

We work with people in order to enhance the quality of their lives – to make them happier and more vivacious, to help them let go of past pain and reconnect to their heart’s passion – but for what purpose?

We wholeheartedly believe that the answer to this question is to be found in the relationships between individuals! To be a better father, a more partaking companion, a more supportive friend, a person who donates to his surroundings and have a positive effect on life …

Relationships are what gives our lives meaning and validity.

We see ourselves as part of the one body called humanity, consisting, like the human body, of a multitude of organs and cells, every one of which has a special and important role. This body doesn’t feel so well lately. It doesn’t breathe well, it doesn’t eat well, it hurts both itself and the world in which it is living. The more we will take care of each other, the more we will feel well, be healthy, attentive, sensitive and strong, the bigger the chance we shall swiftly recover.

It’s a collective effort for the entire human community on earth, and we feel sure that, if we will all shoulder it together, we could create a thriving human society. That is our obligation, and this is the source of motivation for our work.